Why not treat someone you love to a photography gift voucher for any amount starting from £10.  A Redlock voucher is valid for 12 months from the date of issue and can be redeemed against any of our services.  It could be for a family photo shoot, prints or even for a bride & groom of ours to upgrade their wedding package. 

To purchase gift vouchers or for more information, please contact us directly on 01543 300754 or via the contact page. 


Terms and Conditions:
1. Redlock Photography Gift Vouchers have a validity of 12 months and a shoot must be booked for a date within 12 months from date of issue 
    (with the exception of our Baby Package voucher which has a validity of 24 months).
2. Gift Vouchers are only transferable in exceptional circumstances and by prior arrangement with Redlock Photography, and may incur extra costs.
3. No refunds will be offered on unused gift vouchers. It is the recipient’s responsibility to contact us and book their shoot within the allotted 12 months.
4. Should a recipient wish to purchase further items over and above the value of their gift voucher, then these will be charged for at our normal rates.
5. Our Gift Vouchers have no monetary value other than the exchange of the voucher for pre paid shoot and images.
6. Gift Vouchers cannot be used against any products and services already paid for. 
7. Photocopies of gift vouchers cannot be used in place of an original Redlock Photography Gift Voucher. 
8. Redlock Photography Gift Vouchers cannot be redeemed anywhere other than with Redlock Photography.