We have now branched out into doing nursery photos from which we have a fantastic response from both staff and parents.  We are also happy to do playgroups and pre-school school photos

We bring along our portable studio free of charge and parents are only charged for the products they order.  These include

  • Prints of various sizes (some mounted)
  • Keyrings
  • Digital image on disc
  • Canvases

We interact very well with the children and always try and gauge whether each individual child is happier being photographed by a male or female. As there are 2 of us, we are both on hand to take the photos depending on which one of us we think will get the best response from the child.

Evening Sessions

We also offer an evening service (depending on the demand*) which would be tagged onto the end of the day session.  So if they wish, any parents can come back with their child in the evening and have a family shot done (possibly with an older sibling).  The evening service is completely optional and free of charge.
*please note for our evening session, there must be a minimum of 5 families and parents would need to book a time slot (arranged with the school).


If you would like details on our pricing or any other information then please feel free to contact us either via our contact page or on 01543 300754 / 07793 749321.


Ant & Jules



Please note, we always ensure that we obtain permission from parents before using any photos of their child for advertising purposes